26 April 2011


Busco compartilhar aqui neste blog o belo, o bem, o amor universal.

Este tube foi selecionado no Youtube no canal Humanityhealing e explica o seguinte:
This trailer is made up of brief moments from the video,juxtaposed to give you an idea of the movie itself, produced by VLM productions.

In a transcendent setting, Tantra Bensko, long-time Tantra teacher, with guests Alyson and Adam, teaches the philosophy and art of Tantra Yoga. This video goes into the heart of Tantra which is practiced for the sake of higher awareness, with sexuality being only one of the methods to achieve that goal. Here, we find that as only one of the many methods explained for interacting with flowing love with all things using traditional Tantric exercises that are extremely powerful, exacting, and effective in producing altered states of consciousness, bliss, lucidity, and evolution. Art from Tantra's Metaportal series helps provide visual excitement.

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